VISION SYSTEMS’ fast and easy barrier solution against COVID-19


Vision Systems is proud to announce that its roller separation solution for aircraft passenger seats, Quick-Split, is fully compliant with EASA requirements and thus is officially Aeronautics certified.

Based on Vision Systems’ cockpit shading system technology, Quick-Split aims at avoiding contact and possible transmission of viruses between passengers. The solution widely participates in restoring passenger confidence while maximizing the seat load factor.

Placed at each seat, this physical barrier reassures the travelers who would be scared of catching COVID-19 from the persons seating next to them in the aircraft, especially at meal times when people take off their mask. During rest times, the passenger protection and sense of security remain as the system follows the inclination of the seat back when reclined. However, this divider can easily be folded for family travel for instance.

Quick-Split comprises a thin and soft transparent film that keeps a feeling of space for a better wellbeing in the cabin. It also includes two handles, one on each side to avoid that two persons touch the same one.

Therefore, Vision Systems’ solution offers a real protection against viruses and reduces the fear of contamination when flying.

For the airline, Quick-Split eliminates the issue of leaving an empty seat between two passengers. This plug and play, system fixed on the armrest and behind the seat back, is quick and easy to mount and dismantle without any modification of the existing seat, and is adaptable to all types of armrest. Besides, it does not degrade any part of the seat once removed.  Quick-Split does not generate any additional vibration or rattling noise. Light and compact, the solution remains discreet and does not clutter up the cabin space or view. It is robust to guarantee its durability, and flexible to sustain the passenger’s movements and constraints. Furthermore, a tested anti-germ treatment applied on the product reduces the cleaning maintenance. This solution enables the airline to make all its seats available for sale and to benefit from a reassuring image.

The Return On Investment is very quick, estimated at 7 flights for a narrow-body aircraft, meaning that in one or two days, Quick-Split is fully amortized.

Vision Systems’ partner Aerotec performed the EASA certification program and approval on this product. “Quick-Split is a reliable product, easy to operate. It has been designed and qualified to ensure compliance with latest EASA safety standards” stated Thomas Paquien, Program Manager, Deputy Head of Airworthiness, Aerotec.

“Quick-Split reduces the anxiety of the passengers and gives them confidence in air transport. The solution is based on a proven technology, it is certified, and ensures an economically viable operation for the airline.” concluded Jérôme Monvaillier, Managing Director of Vision Systems

About Vision Systems:
Headquartered near Lyon, France, with a production and sales unit in Florida, USA, and trade offices in Singapore, Dubai and Montreal, the Vision Systems group is a tier-one system supplier that designs, produces and markets complete bespoke solutions for the aeronautic, land transport and marine industries.

Vision Systems’ genuine expertise in shading systems including dimmable solutions places it today as the world leader in this area. Furthermore, the company is a major player in the Cabin Management Systems and composite solutions markets.

The Vision Systems group combines complementary skills in electronics, mechanics and composite to provide ever more innovative solutions for cost reduction, heightened safety and improved comfort.

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