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Orok launch a new fund raising



2020 highlights

  • OROK wins ADP Cargo challenge first prizeOur team grew from 4 people to 11 people,
  • We got almost 500k€ in funding, from various business angels, private investors, BPI France, CIC and BNP Paribas (thank you to each of them!),
  • We developed our first full scale prototype (Demokart),
  • We filed several patents,
  • We won first prize in startup category of “Play Your Airport” challenge, organized by ADP Cargo,
  • We signed our first contract for trials with our solution with a major airport in Europe.

2021 outlooks

  • We are in the negotiation of a second partnership with a major ground-handler in France,
  • We identified an important call for tender for an automation project in Europe,
  • We plan to launch officially commercialization of our system Q3-2021, you will see us during GHI in September at Copenhagen and during InterAirport in November at Munich,
  • Our team will continue to grow to 16 people,
  • A new product generation will be developed (Shark),
  • And many other news is coming for which we can’t say too much for now 😉
  • We are just launching a new fund raising, for which we rely on you to participate or tell someone to participate, or tell someone to tell someone…

Why invest in Orok?

OROK Airport RoboticsWe demonstrated our capacity to go through the unprecedented crisis with all what we achieved in 2020. The market will recover sooner or later, and it will need new technologies to address its challenges: regulatory pressure, need for more safety / security, increased passenger expectations regarding quality, improved health standards, need for greener solutions for our planet, and operational cost optimization while recovering. Our solution is designed to deal with all that!

While passenger demand will take several years to come back, our solution is modular and can also address cargo-handling, a business which held up very well and will continue as soon as there are international exchanges.

Finally, current projects across the world show that airports and their ecosystems took the path to automation and has understood that is has never been more than necessary to move to this kind of technology.
Do not hesitate to contact us on that address for more information: invest@orok.aero

Investment conditions

  • Starting from 2000€,
  • Intention to be received by end of March 2021,
  • French citizen can have 25% of tax reduction,
  • Get more information by writing us.