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Wipsim is a specialist of industrial flow management and lead time reduction. We edit simulation and optimization softwares dedicated to production environments. We implement the ConWip method (Constant Work in process) by simulating the best process parameters allowing optimum production flow and reducing production lead time. The work in process level and the working capital requirement will accordingly be optimized. We also offer visual management solutions for the production or repair workshops, elping to get a clear and real time view on production flow. We offer now a digital management board: the SmartWip. It helps to manage easily your priorities thanks to it’s built-in artificial intelligence. It enhances communication in the workshop by the visual management, it is designed to fit with the user needs. It integrates different functions according to the user final needs. It’s an evolutive and adaptative solution.

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Main activity : SERVICE
Capabilities : Training / Logistics / Computer services (simulation, software, …) / Other services