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Expert in anti-corrosion solutions for more than 20 years.
Corrosion protection requires specific expertise.
This is just as important when it comes to effective VCI anti-corrosion protection provided by the packaging itself.
At ACOBAL (ZERUST-EXCOR), we are pioneers in this field. We have been marketing VCI films and packaging solutions. Our patented VCI products have paved the way for highly effective anti-cc:rrosion protection that suits all your needs.
To effectively prevent corrosion, it is essential to properly analyze them in terms of transport and storage. A key element of this process is to accurately determine the corrosion potential of the ‘netals and alloys used. This service allows us to give you clear recommendations regarding the ideal VCI packaging for each material.
ZERUST EXCOR provides on-site support and comprehensive support in more than 7’0 countries around the world through a network of 29 joint venture companies.
Enjoy this global technical assistance with more than 400 corrosion experts spread across the globe.


  • ISO 9001
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