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Aerospace cluster TO accelerate YOUR growth

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Aerospace Cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes federates all regional players (companies, research laboratories and training centres) specialised in design, production and sales of aerospace technologies, products and services.

All legal entities, private or public, people wishing to participate actively to the Association operations, to the achievement of its objectives and get involved in the programs that it leads can become Member of the association.


Why becoming member

To integrate a dynamic network of performing aerospace players.

To take advantage of shared experiences.

To access to a network of expertises and to technical assistance to realised your projects

To participate to collective missions and identify new development opportunities

To develop new partnerships to accelerate your projects

To secure your strategic decisions by taking advantage of a qualified information

To reinforce your reputation by taking part to a recognized network


How to become a member

All legal entities, private or public, willing to actively participate in the association’s operations and to contribute to the achievement of its objectives can apply to become Member of the association.

Applications for membership should be made in writing using the attached form (available only in french : membership 2020).

The membership fee is fixed annually by the general assembly of the association.