Exhibitors testimonials


For SMEs, the Paris Air Show is an outstanding showcase which allows to strengthen the positioning of the company on its market, to introduce innovations, to get closer to new customers, to affirm its own ambition in a demanding market.

ATM Plasturgie : « Ensure our position in our market segment and attract new customers »

Thus, for Olivier Tonin ATM Plasturgie CEO (Oyonnax, member of Aerospace Cluster), an SME who will exhibits for the third time “le Bourget is of high importance. It is for ATM Plasturgie the mean to assert among one of the leaders in aerospace plastics industry. The show allows us to ensure our position in our market segment and to attract new customers. It also allows us to concretely show our know-how and our innovations thanks to parts, to convince our prospects to consult us or to come to visit us at Oyonnax‘ (www.atm-plasturgie.com)

SFH : « PUBLICIZE our company and find new customers»

SFH (Saint-Etienne, Aerospace Cluster Member), a company who will participate for the first time at the Paris Air Show as an exhibitor, will come to present his patented solutions for the treatment of machining chips and sludges. For its CEO, Yves Marnas “the Paris Airshow must allow us to find new markets in the compaction and processing of machining chips within the aerospace industry. Companies in this sector are very large producers of non-ferrous chips and are sensitive to the environment, ecology and enhancement of machining waste. Our range of products meet all these criteria. Our presence at le Bourget will allow us to publicize SFH and the treatment of machining waste, the recovery of the chips by compaction and cutting fluid gain that can realize companies using our products” (www.sfh.fr)

energy METAL Group “an excellent showcase for our know-how and skills”

Companies of energy METAL Group (ATP and JET CUT) attend the Paris air show for 14 years. A very important show for Delphine Lardet, the group Area sales manager “we attach the greatest importance to this show, which remains one of the most attractive in terms of customers and suppliers. This international trade fair is an excellent showcase for our know-how, our waterjet cutting and machining skills. We are always looking ways to promote our know-how and to increase our national and international visibility with aerospace players, as we have implemented an Export service since 2011.” (www.jetcut.fr)