Paris Air Show 2013

Paris Air Show 2013, Rhône-Alpes COMPANIES NEWS


Crouzet Aerospace and Kavlico, two companies of the CST Group, decided to join their forces within the same commercial direction to increase their market share in aeronautics.

SKF and INSA de Lyon announce the creation, under Foundation INSA de Lyon sponsorship program, a Chair of education and research for a period of 6 years and devoted to the study of lubricated interfaces.

Nief Plastics has been certified by airbus for composites and thermosets stamping.

Already based in France (headquarters) and in the United Kingdom, Vision Systems is expanding its international presence through a strategic location in the US.

SNECMA has selected AVNIR Engineering-ECLyon-INSA LYON consortium for an RDT program dedicated to the characterization of composites damping. The work will be done in the framework of CORAC Propulsion program

ACE Management reinvests 10 M€ in French aerospace composite specialist with intend to accelerate the industrial development