Neonickel: “develop our reputation by enabling optimal visibility”

NeoNickel, a leading supplier of high performance nickel, cobalt, stainless steel and titanium based alloys, offering raw or semi-finished products in sheet & plate, coil, bar, pipe and welding consumables. NeoNickel is ISO9001/9100/9120 – certified and is also equipped with a control laboratory, laser, water-jet and bar saw cutting facilities and a deburring service. NeoNickel has strong relationships with global producers of speciality alloys and a commitment to deliver first class service to its customers. According to NeoNickel France director David ROLLY: “The International Paris Air Show is a great opportunity to strengthen the existing relationships with our partners. Our first participation under NeoNickel brand took place in 2015, when we were linked with Rolled Alloys at the American Pavilion. The presence on this exhibition, besides being an unmissable meeting point with our clients, also insures the development of our reputation by enabling optimal large-scale visibility amongst major aerospace market players. We are convinced that 2017 edition is an occasion to create new partnerships, and conclude new contracts to continue to drive growth of the NeoNickel business. What is more, this year we will offer our customers an event at the very heart of Paris chic by inviting them to join us at Lido for a spectacular dinner. With this participation at Paris Air Show, NeoNickel’s presence remains in the very centre of the European aerospace industry.” (More information at https://www.neonickel.com/)


APOJEE : “Paris Air Show – the unmissable meeting point”

SME with 50 employees allocated in France and Germany, APOJEE is the specialist in highly technological electronic product studies and realization, mainly for aerospace and automobile industries, and in partnership with large international players. For the chief executive of APOJEE Germany Marc Coustet: “The second active participation at Paris Air Show as an exhibitor is for us an opportunity to generate new leads, especially in power conversion fields. Since we are the specialist in aerospace applied engineering, this exhibition is simply unmissable. Aerospace Cluster is an excellent platform through which we can position ourselves as a manufacturer/ engineer/ tester of high performance converters based on the latest technology (SiC, Gan…). Indeed, our presence in 2015 was successful – due to it we multiplied our market share and could work with such big groups as ZODIAC and SAFRAN. This achievement strengthens our image of a reliable and innovative industry player”. (For more information: http://www.apojee.eu/)


ANTHOGYR : “To present our know-how and innovations”

Olivier Pigny, industrial manager of Anthogyr Manufacturing: “Each Anthogyr product reflects the group’s industrial expertise. As a melting point of superior know-how and the most advanced equipment, production site of Anthogyr insures continuous manufacturing quality. Based on lean manufacturing principle our facility integrates all the steps starting from processing of row materials to final decontamination and packing steps in white room and sterile packaging. Our presence at International Paris Air Show will allow us to exhibit our know-how and innovations in aerospace and defense industries”. (For more information: www.anthogyr-manufacturing.com)