SAM: new SAM dynamometry 2017 catalog

The “first catalog of a metrological engineer”, SAM Dynamomerty 2017 displays the complete range of reliable and innovative dynamometric tools; it is also an everyday partner of dynamometric tools users.

Moreover, SAM’s catalog provides didactically technical advice, selection guides and dynamometric tools usage guidelines.

400 references within 60 pages can be found inside the catalogue along with advice from SAM experts who have developed the catalog’s usability as well as the information and guidelines that it provides (complete product characteristics, competitive advantage; with a brand-new color code to allow users easily find tips related to the particular key). Automatic control bench along with the new connected dynamometric mechatronics DYNASAM 4.0 key can also be found in the catalog.

To view our product range visit our website.

SAM Dynamomatry 2017 catalogue will be at your disposal at the International Paris Air Show 2017.


Our team will be pleased to welcome you at Hall 4 booth B 133 on June 19-25, 2017.


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