For 70 years, Réel has built its reputation thanks to its unique know-how in  integrated design and construction of handling systems. Energy, aeronautics, metallurgy, defense or offshore, the French company has acquired a solid position in several key and innovative sectors of the industry. A  reputation that earned it the trust of Airbus subsidiary STELIA Aerospace in 2016  which entrusted REEL with the  design and implementation of  an innovative production line for the manufacture of a segment of the A 320.  With the goal of a significant increase in production capacity at a lower cost!

The aerospace construction market is growing. ! To fulfill their orders, aircraft manufacturers must increase production rates, while respecting very high quality levels and optimizing costs. To meet these challenges, STELIA Aerospace has entrusted Reel with the creation of one of these new moving production lines.. “It was to assist them with the design and implementation of  an innovative production line , In breaking with existing stations, to manufacture the lower part of the  A320s cockpit, with two major objectives: to increase the production rate and reduce the associated costs, explains Norbert Masquelet director of REEL  Aeronautical Business Unit. Ambitious goals, which guided the REEL team throughout the design and implementation phase of the new production line, and led to the implementation of innovative principles on its client site.




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An approach based on innovation and “lean manufacturing”

First novelty, the establishment of a tackted production with a direct flow organisation. “Each workstation is now specialized on a set of tasks to be performed in a specific time, with a defined timeline. Once the time has elapsed (takt), the product is moved to the next station, explains Damien Lesur, director in charge of the project at REEL. All of the workstations are positioned online, which significantly reduces handling operations and allows real-time monitoring of production. “

Another innovation, imported from the automotive production lines: the “moving line”. This involves placing the majority of production stations on continuous moving frames, moving at a speed of 30 mm / min. An innovation that makes it possible to increase the efficiency of production operations, but which also involves strong technical challenges: the aim is to guarantee the positional tolerance of 0.15 mm on the moving part. For ever more efficiency, the new chain is interfaced with automatic drilling / riveting means and has an advanced supervision system which allows to control all the production and maintenance operations from touch panels (ipad ,)

“We worked with the production teams and logisticians of STELIA Aerospace to detail each production operation, every operator movement, every part supply, and to optimize the workstation layout and logistics,” continues Damien Lesur. Ergonomics has also been worked out to improve working positions.

Mission accomplished !

Operational since September 2016, the line fulfills its commitments, to the great satisfaction of STELIA Aerospace. “This project is a very interesting reference for the Aeronautics and for REEL business, since productivity and cadences stakes are more and more  the main issues for our customers,” concludes Norbert Masquelet. Many customers and prospects have already shown their interest in this achievement! “.

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