CENTRALP-LOGO-CARRE-NOIRCENTRALP is committed to protecting the environment by establishing a policy to reduce its environmental impact at each process step.

For some of its specific developments, CENTRALP has decided to subscribe to the PEP ecopassport program which allows qualifying objectively the environmental performance of the products. PEP ecopassport, renowned and reliable international program, validates a serious environmental approach in line with international standards enabling CENTRALP to adapt its products to eco-responsible markets.

CENTRALP has integrated the environmental dimension from the design of its products and solutions into all stages of their life cycle.

Concerned processes have thus generated significant savings in terms of materials and energy consumption:

  • decrease in electricity consumption by 27 %
  • decrease in console weight by 30 %
  • reduced impact on non-fossil natural resources by 67 %
  • reduced impact on water pollution by 27 % (about 10 700 m3 of water),
  • the use of recycled packaging.

Other benefits affect directly management and business development:

  • the whole company benefits from positive spin-offs in terms of management: improvement of synergies between services, teams work on new transversal approach, creation of new innovation possibilities, definition of new competitive advantages.
  • PEP ECOPASSPORT approach also leads to compliance with future regulatory requirements and especially the 2015 version of ISO14001.
  • it brings new competitive advantages, offering a real possibility to stand out from the competition.
  • CENTRALP’s customers are also involved in certification processes, in particular in « eco-passport ».



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About Centralp:

CENTRALP – design and production specialist of high-performance and reliable embedded solutions, is also recognized for its great INNOVATION capacity. Consolidated around a multidisciplinary R&D Department representing more than a third of the global workforce, with more than 45 years of experience, CENTRALP became an essential partner for embedded electronics systems and software.

  • Consolidated WISETEC group turnover 2016: 35 M€
  • Employees: 180
  • Find out more: http://www.centralp.fr/en/
  • Contact us: Michael ANGLOIS (Sales engineer) @ manglois@centralp.fr
                          Anthony METRAL (China&Defence Business Unit Manager) @ ametral@centralp.fr