Vision Systems, an international system supplier for the aeronautics, automotive and marine markets, already masters different industrial processes including Resin Transfer Molding, thermocompression, infusion, thermoforming and drape forming. This production know-how, in addition to that of mechanics and electronics, enables Vision Systems to offer complete functional systems with breakthrough features, most particularly solar protection solutions, helicopter doors and windows and cyclic sticks.

Today, relying on its engineering and technician teams and on strategic partnerships, Vision Systems’ production comprises not only leading-edge composite technologies but also product and process know-hows such as design engineering, strength calculation, process engineering, prototyping, tooling and pre-series, before the launch of serial production.

In order to better respond to the growing need of its customers in terms of composite products integration, Vision Systems is setting up a new production unit that will specifically produce composite parts.

The new composite plant will come and reinforce Vision Systems’ existing industrial facilities from drape forming to machining, thus strengthening the control of the product developments from beginning to end. A 1000 m2 dedicated area will see the light of day at Brignais’s site (main site of the group) and will be fully operational by the end of the year.

The establishment of this new production plant is being carried out in three phases:

  • The first stage concerned restoration and major works, compliance with standards and installation of offices.
  • Then, during the summer, the machining center will be installed, RTM, thermocompression, machining and bonding activities of the actual site will be transferred to the new area. A draping room, a cutting room and a clean room will be set up by the end of the year.
  • Finally, the fourth term of the year will see the construction of new thermocompression equipment and 2016 the investment in an autoclave.

In addition to the products that are already developed (cyclic sticks, windows stiffeners, tubes and shells for shades, sun visor casings and door handles for helicopters), the production of new applications, such as jettisonable helicopter windows or bay windows and frames for the marine and rail markets, will be extended.

“Several projects implying composite are under development for the aeronautics, automotive and marine industries. They are very strategic for our composite business since they make our company take a big step forward in the expansion of our product offer and the mastery of our laminating process for our dimmable solutions.” stated Carl Putman, CEO, Vision Systems.

About Vision Systems
Headquartered near Lyon, France for more than 80 years, with a production unit in Florida, USA, Vision Systems is a tier one system supplier in the aeronautics, automotive and marine markets. Vision Systems Aeronautics designs and produces innovative solutions for business jets, helicopters, regional and continental aircrafts: solar protection, IFEC, CMS, composite structures and thermoformed parts. Vision Systems Automotive provides global solutions for specific vehicles, motorhomes, buses, coaches and trains: solar protection, embedded entertainment systems, fleet management, driver protection doors, rearview mirrors and driver assistance systems. Vision Systems Marine offers solar protection solutions, cabin comfort management, and embedded multimedia systems. Vision Systems combines complementary skills in electronics, mechanics and composite to provide ever more innovative solutions for cost reduction, heightened safety and improved comfort.

Sales contacts:

  • Aeronautics: Frédéric Jacquemin, Sales Director – Tel: +33 4 72 31 98 10 – fjacquemin@visionsystems.fr
  • Automotive & Marine: Frédéric Arbaudie, Sales Director – Tel: +33 4 72 31 98 10 – farbaudie@visionsystems.fr

Press Contact:

  • Alexandra Martin-Devaud, Communication Manager – amartindevaud@visionsystems.fr