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CENTRALP: innovation – our product approach


CENTRALP-LOGO-CARRE-NOIRSecurity – Reliability – Sustainability are the key words that guide CENTRALP in each of its projects. Thanks to a dynamic sales team, an R&D department of more than 40 engineers and production units able to manage all the manufacturing stages, CENTRALP manages projects from A to Z and is fully involved to present an optimal result.

Example of specific products: in partnership with the French company SUNAERO, CENTRALP produced cases of rapid leak detection in kerosene tanks for civil and military aircraft.  By reducing leakage time and thus repair time, the overall aircraft immobilization time is considerably reduced, leading to substantial savings. These cases meet ATEX standards.

CENTRALP advantages:

  • RIGOR: complicated and precise assembly involves a careful follow-up of the manufacturing file.
  • PRECISION: CENTRALP inspects precisely each material with a careful visual check in order to ensure high-quality finishing touch and a perfect look.
  • RESPECT: anti-ESD procedures have been implemented to never alter or reduce the embedded boards’ quality.
  • RELIABILITY: at each step CENTRALP ensures a 100% functional control and manages the traceability of all data.

Example of embedded solutions: CENTRALP realizes all types of CPU boards, power supply cards, application boards and embedded solutions for aeronautics.  This wide range of embedded solutions has enabled CENTRALP to meet the most demanding aeronautical applications in civil aviation but also to provide embedded power supply cards and electromagnetic compatibility studies for the RAFALE for example.

Meet CENTRALP from 19 to 25 June 2017 at the Paris Air Show – Hall 4 booth D99

About Centralp:

CENTRALP – design and production specialist of high-performance and reliable embedded solutions, is also recognized for its great INNOVATION capacity. Consolidated around a multidisciplinary R&D Department representing more than a third of the global workforce, with more than 45 years of experience, CENTRALP became an essential partner for embedded electronics systems and software.

  • Consolidated WISETEC group turnover 2016: 35 M€
  • Employees: 180
  • Find out more: http://www.centralp.fr/en/
  • Contact us: Michael ANGLOIS (Sales engineer) @ manglois@centralp.fr
                          Anthony METRAL (China&Defence Business Unit Manager) @ ametral@centralp.fr