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BOURGET: INOPROD models your workflows, supports your strategic decisions


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Recognized for its expertise in dynamic representation of workflows, INOPROD now offers its expertise to industrial players in aerospace & defense fields.

Since 2011 INOPROD addresses the most advanced industrial sectors, civil nuclear, medical devices, and automotive. These 6 years of experience have allowed the team of engineers to gain an expertise in project management in industrial capacities transformation. See our project videos here.

Today INOPROD supports industrial groups and SMEs in their CAPEX investments and strategic realignment. Finding the right industrial organization to guarantee the delivery schedule (ODT) and the right investment is a crucial issue.


The production units have to be agile, namely capable of bearing a growing production diversity and rates that fluctuate upwards (ramp-up), as well as downwards.

This delicate balance can be found through the creation of a digital model, representing precisely the behavior of each flow, their interactions, as well as the steering rules. This digital twin becomes therefore a powerful tool of investigation, allowing to quickly test a large number of scenarios and production means.

Performance indicators become an objective element for comparing production levels. The best flow architecture and the best steering logic can be defined upstream the strategic investments.

This technological approach makes it possible to make performance and investment more reliable.
The result is capacity gains in the range of 15 to 20% at same investment and surface area for our customers. The average cost of a flow simulation study is also less than 2% of the CAPEX investment.

Meet INOPROD on June 19 – 25, 2017 at SIAE trade fair – Hall 4 booth BC118