Main Activity

SUNAERO is specialized in Rapid Leak Detection, Rapid Sealant Removal and Rapid Curing of sealants, paints and composites for commercial and military aircraft. SUNAERO has been proposing innovative technologies for more than 15 years. SUNAERO smart tools have been designed to help reducing aircraft maintenance time. They are certified to operate in hazardous environments (ATEX and Class 1, Div 1). Additionally, manufacturing production lines benefit from our technology, being able to test aircraft systems, before delivery. We help operators expedite airframe repairs saving hours, and even days, of aircraft downtime.


ISO 9001

Membre - Aerospace Cluster
70 rue Ampère - BP 58
69726 GENAY Cedex
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Main activity : DESIGN & BUILD
Capabilities : Plastics and composites / Industrial process (machines) / MRO / Ground support equipment / Training