Main Activity

Leader in the development of innovative technologies for the control of production workshops, LMBA edits GEDIX the software for managing machining technical data. With over 25 years of experience close to all industrial sectors, GEDIX has become the reference for the optimization and control of industrial production systems.
The software is composed of different independent and complementary modules:
– Coumat: software for calculation and optimization of cutting conditions.
– Preset: Presetters management software.
– Prod: DNC transfer software and management of manufacturing files.
– Tool: Software of cutting tools management.
– Watch: monitoring and management software for CNC Machines.
– Training: training in machining and Tool Material Pair.
LMBA provides the great names the aerospace, defense, automotive, mechanical subcontracting … but also many SMEs and ETI.


Membre - Aerospace Cluster
Le Britannia - 20 boulevard E. Deruelle
69003 LYON
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Main activity : SERVICES
Capabilities : Mechanics and metallurgy / Training