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Main Activity

CRENO has been developing innovative machining solutions, combining
machines and processes, since its foundation in 1978 in Annecy, France.
For the last fifteen years, the company has been focusing on specific processes in the aeronautics sector for which we have designed highly differentiated solutions.
Going beyond our initial expertise in highly accurate robust, multi axis CNC machines – with 3, 5, or more axis – dedicated to ‘‘soft” materials such as aluminum or composites, we have developed advanced and efficient innovative processes, specifically for:
– Multi-Drilling “Acoustic Drilling” of composites Nacelles
– Ultrasonic Cutting of various type of honeycomb structure
– Milling of composites parts
– Routing and drilling aluminum sheet stacks

To provide an answer to our customer and market evolution we have developed machining robot cells able to carry all our processes.

Membre - Aerospace Cluster
4 Impasse des Prairies
74940 ANNECY
Visit website +33(0)4 50 64 03 85
Main activity : DESIGN & BUILD
Capabilities : Mechanics and metallurgy / Industrial process (machines)