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Main Activity

GO2cam International, created in 2009, develops CADCAM software for mechanical and dental industries.
GO2cam International aims to develop high technical and user-friendly CADCAM software.
The R&D team with its mechanical engineers and their 25 years of experience in CADCAM, strives to offer ever more innovative solutions for workshops.
The increase of numerical processes in workshops and the mutation of the industry area are amongst the main preoccupations of GO2cam International. Besides, in the dental industry, we have been taking into account this evolution lately.
Based on its strong experience, the R&D team shows a unique reactivity to supply companies and needs of our clients, we lead them to the optimization of their production.



Membre - Aerospace Cluster
120 Avenue Jean Jaurès
69007 Lyon
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Main activity : ENGINEERING & DESIGN
Capabilities : Mechanics and metallurgy / Industrial process (machines) / Computer services (simulation, software, …)