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Main Activity

CRISTALINNOV is a technology institute in crystal growth (bulk and film) and hard
material process(ceramics, eutectics, hybrid…)

Our services :
– R&D and industrial project hosting (e.g. pilote line)
– R&D performer and/or partner (cf. european project)
– Services in processing crystals and hard materials (cutting, wafering, lapping, polishing) and characterization.
– Training

Technological axes :
– Sapphire, for multiple applications.
– Semiconductors : large band gap : SiC, InP, III-V
– Piezoelectrics for Time Frequency (USO…), SAW devices (e.g. wireless sensors in harsh environment) and energy harvesting
– Scintillators & non linear optics materials.


Membre - Aerospace Cluster
354 voie Magellan
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Main activity : DESIGN & BUILD
Capabilities : Materials / Research