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Aerospace Cluster becomes member of EACP


Aerospace Cluster in Rhône-Alpes recently joined the european network of Aerospace dedicated Clusters becoming new member of EACP initiative (EACP – European Aerospace Cluster Partnership).

The EACP is a network of European Aerospace clusters which currently has 41 members from 14 European countries.

Aerospace Cluster in Rhône-Alpes is particularly proud to passed with success the selection process and have been accepted as EACP  new member.

The EACP aims at initiating an active exchange between all partners and at developing trans-national cooperation between clusters.

EACP Members cooperate through 3 works group:

  • Skills & Innovation
    Leader: Ingrid Schilling-Kaletsch, Hamburg Aviation (Germany)
  • Strategy
    Leader: Jose Juez Langara, Hegan – Basque Aerospace Cluster (Spain)
    Co-Leader: Sergio Da Cunha Oliveira, PEMAS (Portugal)
  • Internationalization
    Leader: Dr. Thilo Schönfeld, Aerospace Valley (France)
    Co-leader: Walter Birkhan, Hamburg Aviation (Germany)

Aerospace Cluster in Rhône-Alpes intends to take an active role within this network in order to build alliances which will support the development of the regional aerospace activities

Learn more : http://www.eacp-aero.eu